The 6M Mission

Bringing life to years with compassionate and continuous patient-focused care



A Personalized Encounter Every Time


Facilities & Post Acute Care

Preparing for the Unforeseeable Future

Congruent and Comprehensive Care

The 6M team delivers innovative, patient-centered and globally-proven medical programs and services for older adults. We provide the right level of care at the right time and in the patient’s setting throughout their health and life transitions from home to hospital to post-acute setting.

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6M is Focused On What Matters Most to the Patient

Our goals and preferences are the driver of the 6M model of care. We are an advocate for the patient, a translator for their families and a partner to the provider.

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Invested in Cultures and Outcomes

The 6M mission is bringing life to years by improving the quality of life through compassionate care congruent with patient values and goals with a personalized encounter, every time.

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6M Model

Congruent Geriatric Care

Older adults want the best quality of life at every stage of their health journey…

Revamping a Broken System

Today’s U.S. healthcare system is not set up to meet the growing demand and needs…
6M Model

Questions & Answers

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6M Model

Global Geriatric Solutions

In many countries around the world, families and communities revere their elders and treat them…