6M Model of Care

Preparing for the Unforeseeable Future

Congruent and Comprehensive Senior Care


The inspiration behind 6M Geriatrics was the traditional approach to memory care through the 4Ms:

  1. Identifying what matters most for patients
  2. Understanding their mobility goals for social, cultural, and physical activities.
  3. Focus on mentation to address critical problems like dementia, delirium, and depression.
  4. Ensuring medications do not interfere with what matters, the patient’s mobility, and mentation.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Iyabo Tinubu-Karch has identified two additional Ms to best support the patient’s quality of life. The fifth is multimorbidity which means understanding the holistic care of the patient who may have multiple chronic issues. The sixth is mistreatment which means that aging adults’ ability to self-care diminishes over time. The mission of 6M Geriatrics is bringing life to years by improving the quality of life through compassionate senior care that is congruent with patient values and goals at every encounter, every time. By looking at older adult and memory care through all six attributes, 6M Geriatrics, brings life to years for patients and reduce costs for business partners.

Preparing for Unforeseeable Events

We help create an adaptable environment that is prepared for unforeseeable events that can be quickly implemented, easily communicated and immediately executed by the organization.

Coordination of

Senior Care

Our congruent and coordinated care improves patient outcomes and reduces hospital readmission rates. We align senior care protocols, culture, clinical teams, medications and new regulatory requirements. We provide guidance and oversight to ensure organization is in alignment and efficient and ensure the organization is prepared for unforeseen conditions that will have a monumental impact (pandemics, regulatory changes, technology and telehealth).

Access to Specialty Care

Patients and residents need to see specialists, but specialists were not coming into facilities and it’s difficult to take patients out. We bring specialists into facilities with synchronized care protocols that improve quality of life and outcomes.

Invested in Cultures and Outcomes

We help create an organizational culture that provides continual clinician training, including real-time patient-focused care. We teach clinicians to treat each patient with a mindset of the overarching health goals and congruent care required to meet those goals. We help create synergy between all facets and specialties of the clinical team. We’re on the same page and have the patient’s goals in mind, creating a personalized encounter every time.