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Q1. What is the meaning behind the name, 6M Geriatrics?

6M shares the bold vision of The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) shift in older adult care. Together, they developed the 4Ms framework of an age-friendly health system which focuses on the needs of older adults. They are:

  1. Identifying what matters most for patients
  2. Understanding their mobility goals for social, cultural and physical activities.
  3. Focus on mentation to address critical problems like dementia, delirium and depression.
  4. Ensuring medications do not interfere with what matters, the patient’s mobility and mentation.

6M’s founder and CEO, Dr. Iyabo Tinubu-Karch has identified two additional M’s to best support the patient’s quality of life. The fifth is multimorbidity which means understanding the holistic care of the patient who may have multiple chronic issues. The sixth is self-mistreatment which means that aging adults’ ability to self-care diminishes over time.

By looking at older adult care through all six attributes, 6M can add life to years and advocate for patients based on their preferences and goals while reducing costs for business partners through continuous and integrated care.

Q2. What difference will 6M Geriatrics make in the health and well-being of older adults?

Our mission is adding life to years by improving the quality of life through compassionate care congruent with patient values and goals with a personalized encounter, every time. We provide support for primary, chronic and coordinated care of older adults from home to hospital to community-based residences. We understand the importance of continuous and integrated care. We follow the patient where they are and through every life and health transition working directly with their doctors, specialists and care providers to ensure holistic care that align to the patient’s goals and preferences.

Q3. What benefit does 6M Geriatrics bring to the table for business partners and community-based residences?

A3. By providing continuous and integrated care in the patient’s home, at the hospital and with their specialists, 6M will add life to years. Our proactive approach to care gives patients a better quality of life with higher levels of independence and active engagement which lowers costs for medical providers.

Q4. What’s different about 6M Geriatrics?

We are patient-centered and follow patients where they are, whether that’s in the hospital or in a community-based residence. We apply global innovations to improve the care and quality of life of older adults while lowering costs for medical providers by providing proactive care which reduces hospital readmissions and poor health outcomes during life transitions.

Additionally, our partnerships extend to the nursing staff. They are an important partner and caregiver and we will empower them with information on patient medical decisions, dosages and diagnoses.

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