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In many countries around the world, families and communities revere their elders and treat them with great care, honor and compassion. In these countries, practitioners and health organizations manage their programs and services to care for older adults with the same level of respect and attention.

We’ve looked at the most successful global solutions in geriatric care and are integrating these best practices into our model to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our model of care and team of internationally renowned doctors and medical professionals, with decades of geriatric experience, deliver innovative, patient-centered and globally-proven medical programs  and services for older adults.

The Case for Change:

As the U.S. population ages, doubling in size by 2025 to 70 million older adults age 65+, the need for consistent, holistic and compassionate care with the patient’s goals and preferences as the driver of all decision making, continues to grow.

Medical care use for older adults is 4X higher than other populations and spend is 3 to 5X more than children and adults. At this rate, geriatric-trained physicians will not be able to meet the demand. Additionally, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is transitioning from a fee for service to fee for value payment model. What this means is that healthcare providers and organizations will receive incentives for quality and innovation. Without systematic change, to support the medical care of older adults, the resulting experience will be poor quality care leading to poor health outcomes and higher provider costs.

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