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Congruent Geriatric Care

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Older adults want the best quality of life at every stage of their health journey and their families want to know they are receiving the best possible coordinated and holistic care.

6M Geriatrics is the solution for serving the growing older adult population. 6M focuses on what matters most – the patient’s goals and preferences – throughout their life and health transitions. We advocate for the patient and partner with hospitals, health systems and community-based residences (CCRCs and assisted living, skilled nursing homes, long term care, adult family and private homes) to deliver continuous and integrated care.

We’ve looked at the success of global solutions and applied the best practices with the best outcomes to the 6M approach to care.  6M is 24/7, mobile, telehealth-driven, geriatric and patient-focused delivering the appropriate primary, urgent and continuing care at the right time and throughout the patient’s transitions from home to hospital to skilled nursing facilities.

6M is analytics-driven, evidence based and focused on patient goals. Our proactive service is not business as usual and results in a higher level of independence and active engagement with patients and reduces provider costs.

The mission of 6M is bringing life to years by improving the quality of life through compassionate care congruent with patient values and goals with a personalized encounter, every time.

6M’s goal is to be the leader in geriatric health in primary and complex care in WA by 2025 and a national leader by 2030.

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